It's Blogging Season Again

A Seasonal pattern

Every year around this time, as people begin to slow down for the holiday season, I take the time to update my blog, which has usually been left dormant for the bulk of the year.

Of course, being a geek, I usually spend my time upgrading my blogging software (currently Hugo) and don’t get much writing in. This year will likely be the same, as I’ve developed some pretty cool software that I can use to author interactive blog posts. The current name for the tech is InfoClay, and I’ll have a completely separate post about it.

Two years later, March 11, 2018

I ended up building an authoring environment and tools collectively called InfoClay, and along the way I developed a language called Smartdown, which will let me write more interactive posts more easily. The downside was that I didn’t really write any blog posts for this Celestial Toys blog until Smartdown Revealed at Eugene Web Devs.