Jekyll to Hugo, a Lost Weekend?

Over the years, I’ve tried various techs for website and blog generation and management, including Manual editing of static HTML or PHP, Joomla, Tumblr, Blogger and Wordpress.

I enjoyed Wordpress, but I really didn’t like my content being trapped in a SQL database in an obscure format. So I let my blog die for several years until I learned of another option: GitHub Pages with Jekyll Static Generation

This served me well, enabling GitHub to manage the serving of my pages as well as the generation of indexes and links via Jekyll. I have no real problem with Jekyll, except that I really wanted to take advantage of bower and its package management so that I could always be using the latest versions of any libraries (e.g., bootstrap, jquery, angularjs).

While this could be done with jekyll, I looked for other alternatives that don’t use Ruby or Python (long story for another post). I found Hugo, a go-based static site generate that is fast and has no dependencies, which was always a problem for me with Ruby-based tools.

Long story short… I’ve migrated most of my Jekyll-based content to Hugo, and this website is the result. I still have some kinks to iron out, including getting My Little Machines ™ working again, but as I find spare time I’ll complete this.

Testing Markdown Capability


I can do inline var a = b + c; and blocked:

detokenize( {"aaa", "bbb"}, "/" ) --> "aaa/bbb"

I Love Markdown

Can I do bold and italic?

How about lists?

  • one
  • two
  • three
Math tests

Inline like this: $\frac{a^2}{b_2}$

Blocked like this:

$$ a^2 = (\lambda x.x^2) a $$