Welcome to My Blog

I think I’ve finally found a good tech and hosting solution for the math/programming blog I want to write. When I begin this blog, I was using Jekyll as my static website generator. I’ve since converted everything to Hugo, a static website generator that translates Markdown content into a fully-linked site. The result is being hosted on GitHub Pages. I also use AngularJS and the CSS from Twitter Bootstrap. I have avoided the use of jQuery and am instead using an AngularJS-based UI Bootstrap to provide me most of what jQuery-based Bootstrap provides.

Markdown makes it easy to insert code snippets inline var like = "this" as well as in fenced code block mode:

s = "Hi there.  How are you?"
print s.length, " [" + s + "]\n"

# Selecting a character in a string gives an integer ascii code.
print s[4], "\n"
printf("%c\n", s[4])

# The [n,l] substring gives the starting position and length.  The [n..m]
# form gives a range of positions, inclusive.
print "[" + s[4,4] + "] [" + s[6..15] + "]\n"

print "Wow " * 3, "\n"

print s.index("there"), " ", s.index("How"), " ", s.index("bogus"), "\n"

print s.reverse, "\n"